centdegrés presents Blend’It in Dubai


As usual, centdegrés will create a special event at the next international beauty fair: Beautyworld Middle-East in Dubai from May 8 to 10. The agency will present Blend’It, a very particular kind of innovative project. This year, centdegrés has decided to incorporate the fair’s visitors to test in real-time a new concept, originating from an attentive observation of market trends. Blend’It is an elaborate and amusing invitation to compose a fragrance in one’s own image, based on your mood at the time of creation using high-quality scents designed by master perfumers that have been adapted for this new experience.

True to its most precious creative tool – collective intelligence -centdegrés asked Firmenich, its long-time Swiss partner and international leader in fragrance, to join the adventure and develop two original scents and four booster scents to transform the fragrances. The collective team also included a bottle pump manufacturer, a small bottle series expert and a luxury packaging producer*. Together, they invented and produced a convincing prototype that was developed enough to be distributed and in particular, tested, at Beautyworld Middle-East. This international fair brings together fragrance consumers to discover the expertise and culture of some of the world’s most refined perfumes.

At the Blend’It stand, each visitor-tester will be able to select one of two unique scents that best reflects his/her personality and two out of four booster scents that suit their perfume habits. The visitor will leave the stand with a package composed of a combination of their 3 selections: 3 small spray bottles conceived and created to fit entirely in one hand and allow the user to easily create his/her very own signature olfactory compositions, designed and thought-out by master fragrance developers.

For centdegrés, this event is a unique and valuable occasion to highlight the skills and expertise of all the teams involved, but also and in particular, to share the creative process with the visitors who will be invited to share their Blend’It experience, questions and sensations. They will become the main influencers of this project and allow the agency to refine and develop the blending concept and create a real product from A to Z. To be continued…


* Albéa supplied the spray pumps, MMB the case and Nortier + DejaLink the packaging.