Be part of the Beauty of tomorrow!

Cosmoprof invited you to share and spray your vision for the next 50’s why does weed get you hungry.

Visitors could meet us on the Cosmoprime activation booth during the trade, share your thoughts to reinvent the future of beauty, and check on the last day if you are among the best of our visionary spirits!

Think the Future, talk the future!


« 50 years old is an anniversary… Half a century of gathering the talents of beauty!

When the show asked us to think about a way to celebrate this milestone, we came up with a few simple ideas.

First, value the past by looking at the future.

Cosmoprof has been part of what the beauty industry is today, because it gathered all the talents of the industry, making it possible for them to meet, cooperate, discuss, finally participate to build what are the acting companies in todays beauty industry. Instead of valuing these 50 years, we wanted to create a bridge between yesterday and tomorrow. To do so, we wanted to look at the next 50 years, which will build a century of acting and building the beauty industry.

Second, « Cosmoprof, gathering talents », is a key element of what makes the show so special, and makes people come to Bologna from all around the world.

We suggested to look at the future, by asking to the key actors of the show, exhibitors, visitors, bloggers, experts, etc… what they would foresee for the future of beauty. Finally, ask the people who make the beauty today, what is their vision of the beauty of tomorrow, but also make ­this vision interact.

Third, make it digital to make it really interactive.

We proposed to build a light studio in the middle of the show, to be able to film these talents, in very short sequences, with very simple questions, and post these sequences on the social medias, to share these thoughts with our publics, and spray these ideas openly, showing the generosity of Cosmoprof in diffusing ideas.

It is an experiment. I have to say I did not really know precisely what will come out from it, but what I knew was that it could only be positive! It is all about sharing, looking at the future, valuing and gathering talents. It is what we need to change the future, isn’t it ? »

Elie Papiernik, Design Director & Managing Partner of centdegrés agency


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