In the past few years, we have observed a change in brand behavior, in the relationship they have with their customers, and in the new role the latter are playing. The protagonist is no longer the product but the customer. In a matter of a few years, with the rise of social media, customers have shifted from common users to powerful messengers, defenders or critics.

Brands don’t have full control of their image anymore. Thus they can’t just sell products, they must create a community. A trend that some firms simply endure while others have decided to accompany.

Among them is the Spanish natural cosmetics brand FRESHLY COSMETICS. A true 21st century product, the health and detox brand with modern packaging follows the trend by offering to its customers the possibility to imagine the next product line.

Only 2 years old, FRESHLY COSMETICS is a brand that perfectly symbolizes our era. It dares, it posts, it acts and reacts, it thinks and engages. It knows its audience, listens to them and even asks for their opinion. This may be the secret for success!