Since its creation, the Chinese brand Herborist relies on the values of well-being and nature, and is committed to reinterpret and modernize the thousand-year-old Chinese tradition.
To stay true to its strong identity, centdegrés imagined the fragrance Mon Instant around the concept of Time, from the shape of its bottle to its name and storytelling. The creation is an invitation for an olfactory time travel between China of the Past and of today, for a subtle mix of tradition and modernity. The name Mon Instant calls for a making a break and allowing yourself a moment of tranquility. The design of the bottle in the shape of an hourglass is another reminiscence of the concept of Time. Moreover, its organic and innovative form completely reflects the harmony and the modernity of the perfume. Finally, the agency collaborated closely with renowned Perfume Master Emilie Coppermann to ensure complete consistency between the product design and the natural floral bouquet of the perfume.
The perfume is sold in all Herborist stores in China.