Innovation : centdegrés does it again with Skintonic in Hong Kong




centdegrés has done it again on the occasion of the Hong Kong Cosmoprof. After In’pressivenails, Powderful and Blend’It, the agency has embarked its partners in a new co-creative wave, this time focused on skincare. This was the occasion for centdegrés to demonstrate that skincare can be as creative, fun and photogenic as make up and to prove that once again collective intelligence is energizing and invigorating!


As a Result: the creation of Skintonic, the skincare of the future imagined and orchestrated by centdegrés who also created the double feature for its Hong Kong presentation. At the Cosmopack, the set up of a factory, a beautiful factory-stand in the product’s colors – pink and yellow, like the orchid petals part of the product’s ingredients – in which visitors can visualize and understand every production step and ingredient.

At Cosmoprof, the shop, also yellow and pink used to test the new essences, experience this new unique object that resembles a small halter, and discover the pretty and delicately-colored particles suspended in transparent gel that lathers to become a lifting skincare product as energizing and invigorating as a gym session.


Pinkfrogs composed a futuristic, revitalized essence; Quadpack packaged it in a transparent tube sitting between two beechwood blocks to change from the usual plastic; Cituskalix assured the filling and assembly; Homer-print manufactured and printed the packaging that  users can scan to access other digital features created by LTU tech.