centdegrés Switzerland signs the Romain Jérôme headquarters


It’s an extremely unique space where contemporary purity and multi-sector spirit converge magnificently. In perfect line with its DNA, the very young and brilliant watch brand Romain Jérôme chose to settle in the heart of historic Geneva in a building dating back to the middle ages. The brand chose centdegrés Switzerland to furnish its headquarters and flagship boutique, in the same way that its watches are built: in absolute modernity, using materials with deep historic roots. The offices are located in the upper floors while the ground floor is devoted to the boutique. Beautiful transparency allows for passersby to catch glimpses of the street and the inner courtyard. Behind a magnificent and age-old wooden façade, the boutique reveals itself like a minimalistic and futuristic laboratory. In the middle of the space stands an extraordinary white marble plateau set in a cantilevered position on a black oak base. A technical exploit as precise as watch mechanisms, transformed into unique pieces in the atelier located in the back of the boutique that we perceive as a backdrop. Leather lamps, glass lights suspended at adaptable heights, a certain geometry in contrast with the strange medieval architecture: in this space everything is surprising, elegant, powerful and unique. In the mirror image of both Romain Jérôme watches and their spirit.