centdegrés furnishes an apartment in Geneva


They scoured the world’s oceans, lived one foot in Noumea and the other in the South of France until they decided to settle down a little, in their older years. Nestled between the Lake and the Mont Blanc in Geneva, they haven’t given up on traveling. centdegrés took this in mind when they furnished and thought-out the apartment where everything has been created to facilitate fluidity and mobility.

First challenge: that nothing disrupts movement. Ease of sitting, standing, opening and closing cupboards, shelves, doors and windows and roaming from one room to the next, the living room and balcony. Everything has been designed and created in a way that the space dilates and that tired or even weak bodies can comfortably benefit from the apartment setup.

Second challenge: make a focal point of the gorgeous Mont Blanc views and to camouflage the surrounding buildings. The agency organized the apartment in a way that all the interior furnishings and architecture prioritizes this view, giving all partitions and even shelves a 32° angle that protects your eyes from anything but the beauty of the mountain and comfortably orientates your gaze.

Third challenge: celebrate the various seas, oceans and sites that the owners wanted to remember and celebrate in the middle of Geneva. This is seen in the made-to-measure terrazzo of the bathroom in exotic blue shades reminiscent of their favorite oceans, the sand-colored curtains and the transparency, shades and reflections in the kitchen’s colored glass windows. It took two years to conceive and transform this apartment into a true, magnificent and contemporary home, perfectly adapted and representative of the dreams of these two great adventurers. They were finally able to settle-in during the spring.