For La Panthère, the very essence of the Cartier fragrance, Centdegrès designed and created a bottle in its image.

This new, surprising and never-seen-before object was formed by the collaboration of a creative agency and a skilled glass-blower: together, Centdegrés and the Pochet Group created In’Pressive, a remarkable and unprecedented pressed glass technique that allows the vial to be sculpted from the inside. The internal shape and texture of the bottle has been shaped as masterfully as the exterior.
In’Pressive is an exclusive and revolutionary integrated system that allowed Centdegrés to offer brands a unique creative avenue, free of unneeded décor and unpretentious.
Cartier’s La Panthère, both feral and floral, is the first perfume that In’Pressive was able to create in its image. No other precious fragrance has ever possessed such a shell, so perfectly representative of its spirit.