Vũ Cát Tường & centdegrés, Fragrance for a song

The first perfume by 25 year old, talented Vietnamese artist Vu cat tuong, “Come Back Home, the first fragrance” was launched on December 18th at the Park Hyatt in Ho Chi Minh City. The perfume aims to add another sensory dimension as an accompaniment to her latest song which was released last week on YouTube and has already garnered over 800,000 views.
“Come Back Home” is a song written in the middle of the night, recalling sweet but tragic memories about two lovers. To ask the lovers to reunite, Come Back, in-spite of all the hurt & confusion.
This marks the first time an artist has collaborated with experts at a Global and Vietnamese level. Combining forces with Saigon Cosmetics Corporation, Firmenich and centdegrés to create a unique experience for her audience and fans.
Centdegrés Vietnam worked closely with Vu Cat Truong, understanding her inspirations and emotions. The inspiration for the design was captured from a moment in the middle of the night, when she was staring at a blank sheet of white paper trying to encapsulate all her feelings in the form of words which culminated into the song, “Come Back Home”.
The fragrance captures the feeling of the warmth of writing music at home combined with the freshness and inspiration which comes from reflecting alone at home.