Centdegrés designs a creative rotisserie



Centdegrés gave a resolutely modern yet French touch to the rotisserie apartment imagined by the Korean group NextUp. The result is smooth and round, in copper and cast iron like the kitchens of great chefs with a suggestion of mischief in the pictograms and logo. The idea was created for NextUp – the contemporary lifestyle specialist’s teleshopping market. Although a first for the agency, centdegrés enthusiastically jumped on the occasion to work in the world of small electrical appliances and in televisual marketing. The task was to create a brand – Armion – and its accompanying universe. Imagining the name and the “cosmetics” of a product – a small and practical rotisserie, both intuitive and high-end by infusing it with originality and ingenuity and telling its story, founded in the gastronomical expertise of French rotisserie.


The challenge was a success! The Rotiro, including the happy logo of a chef was beautifully designed by the centdegrés teams and filmed in Parisian kitchens by centdegrés Productions before being launched in Korean, Russian and American markets. Several hundred television viewers have already been seduced by the product. Thrilled with the results, the NextUp group have assigned other lifestyle products to centdegrés. To be continued…