A new signature style at your fingertips

Centdegrés won the competition launched by Kiko, that missioned the agency with renewing the brand’s style from head to toe.

Desirable, recognizable and memorable are the key style ingredients that the Centdegrés agency identified for the Milan-based brand and redesigns each product accordingly.

The first episode involved nail varnish, one of the labels most iconic products, sought after by kiko’s clients for its large range of colors. Centdegrés redesigned its double bottle caps and sculpted a rounded-shaped bottle that fits perfectly in-hand, like a pretty and desired object, available in fifty shades.

Simplicity and voluptuousness come hand-in-hand: Centdegrés and Kiko reinvent beauty for all, from head to fingertips. This collaboration is just the beginning: the following episode will focus on the lips…