Highlighting is a growing trend in the make up industry for several years now. We thought this trend could be a great opportunity to speak about beauty in a positive manner as a way to claim any kind of beauty even the singular ones.

The LIGHT POWDER PROJECT is way more positive and inspiring. It is about highlighting each woman beauty, illuminating it, not hiding it. A concept that puts light on each women beauty.

The reasons why we have 2 venues is because we wanted to showcase different kind of expertise from design, powder manufacturing, packaging production, to machines etc… It is a 360 degrees project that needs space to bring to life a meaningful story and experience. With collective intelligence, we make our ideas come true.

The LIGHT POWDER project is a complete and ambitious experience about light and beauty, that is made to showcase our expertise and those of our partners from design to production and packing.


The Light Powder Factory at Asia World Expo, is like a real makeup factory that shows how an highlighting powder is made.

The Light Powder Experience at the Hong Kong Convention Centre, engages the visitor to discover the beauty of light through interactive experiences.

An invitation to retrieve a set of goodies including : one of the 4 highliting powder palettes, one bag and one of the Beauty Light Book that gathered inspiring pictures and tips to apply your highlighting powder.

In addition, a Light wall was engaging the visitors to interact with visual, mirror and let them the opportunity to write down their feelings about this Light Powder Experience.

To complete the experience, a Light Photo Booth has been created to allow visitors to take selfie playing with light visual projection and share it on Instagram.

We have been able to catch instant visitors’ reactions about the project which gave us a lot of insights regarding the design and the Asian beauty market trends.


ACME Cosmetic Components (godet)
COSMEI (packaging, carton palette)
MYC Packaging Innovation (plastic trousse)
NastriTex (pressing ribbon technology)
Omnicos Group (texture/formula)
Wish-Tech (machine)