centdegrés rethinks the babycook 


One remembers having seen it as a young child even though it is barely recognizable: without losing any of its legendary qualities, it no longer has its child-like round features and has gained in innovative ability. The French brand Beaba’s iconic Babycook is no longer an instrument of smart cooking for infants that is relegated to storage once the child has grown. Centdegrés has transformed it into an esthetically pleasing household appliance that adults simply want to continue using.

A 1-liter glass bowl accompanied by a stainless steel vat makes it easy to clean and healthy while the container is finally equipped with an ergonomic handle that you can touch without getting burned. The product’s signature baby shades and colors have been abandoned in favor of two much more adult styles: a beautiful satin-finish marine blue, lined with rose gold and a pretty white and silver-grey model….

Not quite a revolution, but a consequential evolution towards a more contemporary, compact, simple and durable product eco-fabricated in France and entirely redesigned by centdegrés. A product with essential design, still used for infants, but now an indispensable appliance for the whole family.