centdegrés points its nose in Greece


In 2016, the Greek “fashion finders” of the FF group, creators of the Folli Follie leading brand (specialized in jewelry, watches and accessories) asked centdegrés to co-create its first fragrance line to enchant consumers from Europe, Asia and the Middle-East. From this desire was born the charming family of three fragrances by Folli Follie: fresh, as rose as the dawn, floral, as golden as the sun and spice, coppery like fire.

Using these emblematic brand elements – a heart-shaped flower with 4 petals, rose gold with a round and playful signature – centdegrés created a collection both modern and spirited, as sunny as a Greek summer. The flamboyant and round bottle cap gives off a radiant aura, a sharp freshness and a delicate shade of juice, the perfume is enclosed in a pretty textured box with Folli Follie’s iconic flower symbol posed like a precious jewel in the middle of the bottle. The flower is delicately embossed in rose gold metal, both mat and bright. Mission accomplished for these fragrances distributed with great success in a number of Folli Follie retail points, airports and around the world.