Tiens Group is a Chinese conglomerate founded in 1995 by Mr. Li Jinyuan in Tianjin. To enter the beauty industry, Tiens group appointed centdegrés to create a premium skincare brand. This is how was born Celles Tiane, a beauty brand inspired by the sky, powered by nature and science.
Celles means sky in latin language, it can also be interpreted as celebration. Tiane has a straight link with Tiens, and in Chinese it means sky as well.
The concept behind Celles Tiane is osmosis, representing cohesion, the universal grace, the essence of nature, the perfect blend of the ingredients, harmony.
centdegrés created a fluid and elongate shape for Celles Tiane skincare bottles. The main color chosen is a beautiful celeste blue, to express the same purity and harmony as the sky and the water.
Celles Tiane products are sold in Tiens Group flagship stores. The first one has just opened in Shenzhen beginning of August 2018.