Behind Good Baby bottle lies one core idea: the maternal bonding.

The range is designed for the mother and the baby, with no distinction.

The shape of the product reminds ancient traditional yoghurt pot which were made from white ceramic and used in Chinese families for decades. It takes back the mothers to their childhood and make it easy to create an even stronger link with their infant. Emotion and expertise are the first thoughts that come to shoppers when they discover the Good Baby new packaging.

The brand believes that nature is the best care for babies and this message is well transmitted by the simple and natural colors used for the bottle. The use of the range’s bottles is pleasant and easy, to facilitate the link between the mom and her baby. Design is pure and neat. Focusing on the moment the mom is sharing with her baby.

The old-fashioned string that accompanies the design with perfection is a gage of quality and a small detail which comes sealing the top spout.

One word, one feel, one objective, one design challenge: and as it is written on the label “With Love from Good Baby”.