The fragrance is intense and refined, with notes of woody cyprus, patchouli and vanilla; a perfume that has come to be a beautiful classic in only a few years and the signature scent of the large cosmetics brand Eudora.

To give this precious scent an exterior worthy of its success, Eudora gave centdegrés the mission of re-designing the fragrance bottle. Honored to be chosen for such a project, we created a beautiful vial with curved sides, both delicate and dense, solid and sophisticated, in the signature violet shade of the brand with an added touch of transparency and depth.

The Deluxe version, with additional gold detailing, promises rich oriental notes of orange blossom and amber. The result is an object with character, representative of the Eudora woman: charismatic, independent, elegant, determined and extremely feminine. In essence, out-of-the-ordinary and unforgettable.

By offering this surprising and precious vial to Brazilian women, centdegrés strengthens a relationship with the Boticario group that began in 2012, at the creation of the Eau de Parfum. We hope for a similarly great success.