centdegrés designs the soul of an Indonesian group with international ambitions


This small family-owned group has grown- grown in the crossroads of Asia by developing its own innovative beauty products laboratory focused on pure and healthy ingredients, respectful of man and the environment and geared towards Indonesian women.
Wardãh is an illuminating halal brand, sensitive to the needs and wants of its clients to whom they want to give a voice. This has been a success: the skin-care lines, both inspiring and generous, perfectly welcome harmony and spirituality. So much so that they have gained over a million Instagram followers!

After having met centdegrés at Cosmosprof in Hong Kong, Wardãh chose the agency to accompany its team on their ambitions in new frontiers. For centdegrés, this is their first step in Indonesia.
A new smiling symbol was created, with shades of pink and turquoise to recall sunrise; a brand identity redefined to reflect both a deep and light character that asserts its aspiration to connect with souls; the elaboration of a marketing strategy; and the restructuration of the product lines. Everything is in order so that the harmonious spirit and purity of Wardãh is diffused and becomes a unique international reference.