centdegrés revisits a Korean cosmetic classic 


It’s an extraordinary product: a creamy foundation that contains an incredible skincare essence. Launched in 2012 via teleshopping platforms by the affluent Aekyung group, ‘Essence cover pact’ by the brand Age 20’s has become an indispensable Asian beauty product. Daughters steal it from their mothers, and most Korean women have the famed foundation compact in their bathroom cupboards or in their handbags. The Chinese also cannot keep their hands off it, but no one wants to show it… Some women go as far as to store the product in other big-name brand packaging to make it look more presentable and desirable! This is why Age 20’s came to centdegrés for help. It was time to give this unique skincare product a contemporary and high-end image, representative of its true quality.

A three-step metamorphosis which the agency embarked on with enthusiasm and pride. To begin, centdegrés designed a French-style emblem: feminine, chic, elegant and discrete like the swirls of a caffè latte, that will be used in a variety of different formats and colors, season after season. In September, the second phase will be to rethink the design of the whole product, and benefit from its enrichment in skincare essences (passing from 60 to 75%!) to review the arrangement of its 3 active benefits – hydration, preparation and correction. In sum, to create one day soon, a beautiful case as refined and precious as the product that it contains. To be continued…