centdegrés shares on its anniversary 




In 1988, David Nitlich and Elie Papiernik met in Asia and decided to create centdegrés in Paris, based on the values that united them: a reinvented creativity, in touch with the world, thought by and for people.


30 years later, after thousands of unique projects, out of the ordinary experiences and extraordinary encounters, centdegrés is a fulfilled thirty year old agency strengthened by its teams, partners, clients and their infinite skills.

For us, it seemed that the best way to celebrate our anniversary was to ask all of these essential and special actors to join us on a large project as precious to our eyes as all of our contributors, and at the heart of what unites us all.


We launched a large internal competition, targeted towards the increasing number of people that find themselves homeless and living in the streets. In collaboration with the municipality of Paris and the Emmaüs association, we wish to create healthy, simple and comfortable housing equipment, easily assembled and dismantled and environmently friendly for the numerous migrants, homeless and vulnerable individuals in need.

Throughout the world, teams from all of our agencies have begun working with enthusiasm. True to our habits, we welcome anyone to join the project and add to the creative energy. Together, we can think far and do well and engage our know-how, audacity and agility for those most in need.


If you wish to join us and this project, please contact your usual centdegrés contact!



*The communities of the Emmaüs association were founded in 1954 by Abbe Pierre to fight against extreme poverty and exclusion.