Yet again, centdegrés is the new partner of the latest edition of the Corpo35 competition. 

Supporting and highlighting creativity in the world of perfumery is the established missions of Corpor35, the perfume creator’s competition. 

Each year during the spring and summer months, the 5 best master perfumers are celebrated. Their creations are made in France and distributed by the perfumeries Jovoy Paris and Damiette in Rouen. 

Year after year new talent is born and budding artists in-the-making or bonafide creators are supported, encouraged and showcased every season by a mentor or sponsor that offers the essential raw materials needed for these creations.

It is an opportunity to allow a larger number of people to discover these new fragrances and the uniqueness and incredible inventiveness of these young creators as well as highlighting a little-known French entity that allows them to exist. 

Designers and expert perfumers do not meet often enough around a table to talk about fragrances! Today this is happening thanks to the Corpo 35 competition!” 

After a very enriching first edition with a large variety of creations, we are thrilled to have been able once again to judge the perfumers of tomorrow.

The competition has evolved since it’s founding, allowing us to better frame and support the candidates in order to push them to go through with their ideas both in fragrance creation but also in terms of the storytelling aspect.

Elie Papiernik adds that, “In addition, being member of this exceptional jury alongside fragrance experts and other creative talents has given us a privileged experience where, thanks to the candidate’s creations, we have been able to imagine the future of our profession with enthusiasm”.