centdegrés radiates in Dubai


This May, the latest news for centdegrés in Dubai where the agency have a successful office since 2013 is full of events. Elie Papiernik, founder and artistic director of the agency, will be attending the Beautyworld Middle-East fair with his team to present and test Blend’It, a surprising and innovative fragrance-creating concept.

He will also be participating at the Arab Luxury World conference accompanied by Jonathan Siboni, president of Luxurynsight, on the theme of augmented creativity via collective intelligence.

Luxurynsight and centdegrés have enthusiastically partnered to create DxD (Design x Data), a collective intelligence tool: an accelerator of conception, fast and close to the market that is currently being well-received on the market.

Finally, Elie will be meeting with the group French Founders, a club of French entrepreneurs in Dubai to discuss similar themes.


Arab Luxury World, the conference on the business of luxury in the Middle East, is a unique summit built on the extraordinary growth the region has recorded the past decade in the luxury segment.

This year, arab luxury world will focus on the advent of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the end of the era of overabundance – two factors that are transforming the Middle East luxury industry. As innovation, adaptability and sustainability become the new norms, the industry’s stakeholders are faced with the necessity of adapting to single-digit growth in brick-and-mortar sales. Meanwhile, the digital disruption has arrived and online platforms are vying for the lion’s share of the market and enjoying double-digit growth.


May 9, 2018 – Elie Papiernik conferences:


Based on market evolution led by the «hyper choice » and consumer centricity, it’s time for brands and retailers to re-invent and redefine their business models.

Be focused on what consumer desires and will ask for in order to be precursor, unique and successful on your market. With a dynamic and interactive demonstration, two internationals actors Luxurynsight & centdegrés will showcase the impact of data intelligence on creation. Luxurynsight will introduce the main beauty trends locally and internationally with for each trend a creative solution demonstrated by centdegrés.



Imbedded in western culture, the opulence and luxury of the Middle East are represented by palaces, rich fabrics and lavish setting. How do young designers navigate between the demand of their local consumers and the need to build their images abroad?



Chinese consumers are contributing to an important part of the global luxury revenues. With a transformed market, the Chinese consumers’ expectations have changed over time. With m-commerce taking part of their daily life, they are looking for the experience and status of the brand. What are the major trends for Chinese consumers and how can brands and retailers in the Middle East be impacted by them?