centdegrés gets a foothold in Madrid


To begin the year on the right foot, centdegrés decided to settle its bags in Spain by opening an office in Madrid. Boasting one of the strongest growths in the Euro zone, a flourishing cosmetics market, high hopes for made-in-Spain luxury and open access to Africa where we are already present in Casablanca this was an ideal choice for centdegrés.
Camille da Rocha, recently arrived from Sao Paulo where she spent a little over a year in centdegrés Brazil, offered to be the lead contact for the agency in Spain. The proposition was accepted with enthusiasm by centdegrés who has always cultivated a taste for adventure in unknown territories, the curiosity to share its know-how where it is the least expected and the courage to encourage and follow innovative spirits.
Paris, Geneva, Casablanca, Dubai, Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Chengdu, Beijing, Seoul, Sao Paulo, and now Madrid : centdegrés begins its 30th anniversary with the renewed conviction yet again that to do well, one must think far… throughout the world!

centdegrés Spain – Camille da Rocha – calle marquès de la Ensenada, 10. 28004 Madrid