centdegrés co-creates the Chinese brand “mirror me” for Hapsode and Proya


The Korean giant Hapsode joined forces with its Chinese counterpart Proya to create a new brand of cosmetics distribution in Asia. A brand that allows young Chinese women to learn how to best care for themselves and find Asian and international products in pretty, light and cheerful boutiques.

The duo chose centdegrés to lay the foundations of this project: visual identity, design, artistic direction of the website and social media as well as the boutique design. The result was the concept of mirror me, with an oval logo recalling a mirror on top of which sits a small accent, like a mischievous wink.

Inaugurated January 1st in Jinhua, to the South of Hangzhou, the brand’s premiere boutique is cheerful, bubbly and surprising: fluid circulation from one space to the next, white tiles with acid-colored joints including the brand’s iconic blue turquoise, highlighted by a bright yellow and coral pink shade and holographic reflections due to the dozens of small mirrors. Everything is done to remind visitors that at mirror me, taking care of one self is both easy and amusing. At the heart of the store, large oval mirrors take center stage creating a sense of space and light. The atmosphere is fun and colorful, allowing clients to pleasantly pass from one experience to the next and enjoy surprises at every turn. A wonderful beginning that will keep clients coming for more in the year to come.