centdegrés reinvents the world of Chantal Thomass


The historic façade is ravishing: sculpted wood and flower wreaths, just like similar boutiques located rue St Honoré, a timeless and vital artery of Parisian fashion. Black paint and gold lettering that highlights the white stuccowork sets the scene instantly. We imagine a powdered pink atmosphere behind the display windows, completing the signature shades of French Lingerie’s grand Madame. Just like a contemporary theater that is chic, wonderful and spectacular with the perfect hint of burlesque. The floor is a checkered pattern of black and white diamonds. The walls are covered in fine assorted lingerie that hang on ribbon covered black metal suspensions.
The ceilings reveal elegantly transparent baroque-style chandeliers and the stairway leads to changing rooms that are surrounded by bevel-edged diamond-shaped mirrors that manipulate perspectives and propels the visitor into a strange kaleidoscope of reflective images. The centdegrés architects took the brand’s codes – pink, black and white shades, classical and feminine style- and blurred the lines between tradition and modernity. They added geometry, and lines. Accentuated contrasts and in particular the character, impertinence and the cheek of the brand to transform the delicate pink boudoirs into sexy chambers. They played with the brand’s audacity to create a mix of mystery and seduction, baroque and contemporary style, feminine and masculine traits and arouse the visitor’s curiosity. Wonder. Pleasure. Desire…